Bali Immigration Detention Was deported 2 Belarus Citizen, Bali – Department of law and Human right in Bali, found out another same cases two Belarus citizen violet the rules of immigration by stayed more than their visa permits or called overstay.

I Putu Surya Dharma as a public relation of Law and Human right department , explained, 1st suspect name : Aliaksandr Marchuk (man) place and date of born. Belarus, March 23rd,1994 Second suspect name Natassia Stralkouskaya (woman), place and date of born Belarus  Juli, 19 1992 .

Both of them having the same cases by overstay in bali (stayed in bali over 60 days which is more than visa regulation ) this case broke the article no 78, paragraph no 3 of law no 6 of 2011 about Immigration.

Pria Beristri Hoby Pornografi

Reported from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, to Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta, and final destination to Moscow russia flight by Qatar Airways QR 157 Friday (12/02/21).

When confirmed to Galis Citrodiharjo (38 years old) called ‘Gie ‘ as a visa service and consultan at said

“This case commonly happen due to foreigners careless, it is better if they have personal assistant reminder that their visa is expired,” she said.

From his short message, she declare that he published
“Investor visa permit “ as this time is perfect for buying property.

In this pandemic time, most of properties get down low (cheaper price than usual ) and he advice to any foreign investor to seeing a great chance by invest some properties .

“For legacy our team willing to help you, like personal asistance.. ” she ended conversation (13/02/21)