Foreigners ‘Over Stay’ Are Still Free In Bali

CL’ is an Australian citizen and ‘AD’ citizen of the Netherlands


Bintang, Bali – For example, the initials ‘AD’ 25 years old, Dutch nationality, has been over-stay for 124 days, but is still free to roam in Bali, even though it is clear, the immigration law that regulates over-stay is only 60 days for immediate deportation.

The articles that are suspected to have been violated are Article 78 paragraph (1) of Law Number 6 of 2011 and Circular of the Director General of Immigration Number IMI-GR.01.01-4497 of 2020 concerning the Deadline for Obligations of Foreign Persons Holders of Residence Permits

From a no name source, said that ‘AD’ had contacted him and told him that he (AD) had over-stayed for 124 days. Tuesday, (23/3/2021)

“Had asked us to help him to pay the overstay bill, but we refused because he made an offer. Billing is not negotiable, with regard to paying fines, to the state treasury,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dutch citizen ‘AD’, when confirmed by the media, he said “relaxe, i still figured out”

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From this media investigation result, there is another man an Australian nationality, ‘CL’, who claims that have a social visa, admits that he also works as a marketing, by making offers to several foreigners for construction consulting services, or immigration agency services.

Still from a no name source, ‘CL’ clearly violated the provisions of the immigration rules. It was clear that she used a social visa but instead worked quietly,” he added.

As a reference for the alleged violation of immigration, Article 122 letter a of Law Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration explains that every foreigner who deliberately misuses or carries out activities that are not in accordance with the intent and purpose of granting the residence permit granted to him, shall be punished with imprisonment at most for five Years

Meanwhile, Public Relations of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Bali Regional Office, Surya I Putu Dharma, was even reluctant to respond to questions from the media regarding over-stay.



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